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Term of Service

Policy of company 

               PPSDN has introduced several ways in terms of promotions to boost the sales. In addition to improve support services to customers, if the passengers buy ten tickets, the company offers one additional ticket as free. Each passenger buying just only one ticket, get one bottle of water along with a cooling tissue as free at the time of boarding the bus.

               If a passenger has possessed a ticket but failed to arrive the bus station on time due to any reasons, the company facilitates the passenger by changing the time of the travel or adjusting the passenger to travel in the  following bus or giving him/her an open ticket which valid for 30 days. In case a passenger possesses a ticket having wrong destination or does not understand well, s/he needs to contact the company as soon as possible, preferably either one day or at least one hour before the bus departure. Any excess payment made by the passenger to the company for wrong destination of ticket has the provision of getting back the excess amount after issuing fresh ticket for the right destination. PPSDN offers such services to the passengers to build confidence and loyalty among the customers.

In case of loss of ticket made by the passenger, it is required that the passenger should contact the company immediately and provide relevant information such as  the time of departure of bus, destination, seat number and counter number from where the ticket was bought. Upon receiving such information, the staffs of PPSDN carefully check the system, and if the information provided by the passenger are right, the company issues a special ticket in favor of the passenger. However, if the information provided by the passenger to the company do not match with the system, the passenger has to buy a fresh ticket.